Pinoy Youth Leadership Convention (LeadCon) Series Bohol Kick-Off

TARGET PARTICIPANTS: Sangguniang Kabataan(SK) Officers, NSTP students & youth organizations both campus-based and community-based
ORGANIZERS: Kabayanihan Foundation / Team Pinoy Inc. and the National Youth Commission

Kabayanihan Foundation (KF) is promoting “KaBayanihan”as a cultural identity as well as Culture of Greatness for the Filipino people. It is anchored on Kapatiran and Bayanihan – two old and beautiful traits of the Filipino – which literally mean Brotherhood and Community Heroism. “KaBayanihan” is not something new but merely a revival of what was beautiful in our past.The goal of KF is to bring out the kapatid and the bayani in every Filipino, especially in every Filipino youth. KF believes that through small acts of patriotism, every Filipino youth can be part of the solution.

KF’s flagship program for the youth is called “Pinoy Young Leaders Convention or LeadCon Series”, a program that aims to gather young leaders from the public and private sectors in at least 1 province every month in an overnight summit, from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 the following day, without sleep.

The primary goal of the LeadCon series is to create an army of volunteers and changemakers, from among our youth nationwide, who shall be willing to help the present administration in implementing its reform agenda, especially the national government’s programs for the youth.

Our call is for the youth to rise up to the challenge and be part of “the Greatest Generation of Filipino Youth”!

The LeadCon intends to be a venue for much learning for our youth to share best practices and initiatives from various groups such as Institute for Solidarity in Asia, Kaya Natin Movement, and the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines, championing good governance, responsible citizenship and volunteerism.

Our program shall provide alternative projects that youth groups can emulate and replicate in their
respective communities.

In particular, our program during the event would include the following:

  •  10 Inspiring Stories of Successful Filipinos who all came from poor families and humble beginnings
    – With these stories, we hope to inspire our youth today to aim high and dream big for themselves. If they dream big today, they could achieve big things tomorrow.
  • “12 Little Things Every Filipino Youth Can DO To Help Our Country” – Our groups are advocates of the importance of doing small acts of heroism. During the event, we also intend to distribute copies of this book, as a guide to our youth leaders in encouraging their fellow youth in their respective communities to do their share in helping our country, even through small acts of patriotism.
  • 12 Negosyo Ideas for the Filipino Youth – We believe that one of the most important things our country needs today are wealth creators, businessmen and entrepreneurs. We hope that these “12 Negosyo Ideas” would help bring out the entrepreneurs and business people from our youth.

It will be an event of Big Dreams and soaring High Hopes for our young!

It will be a moment of Great Awakening for our youth!

The LeadCon’s kick-off or opening salvo will be in Bohol Province on August 20-21, and it will be followed by “waves” in select provinces. With close partnership with the National Youth Commission, KF intends for this event to be a concrete venue to harness the potential of our youth leaders, particularly our SK and campus youth leaders. Eventually, the LeadCon Series will also develop a module that will be an all-inclusive youth congress that welcomes leaders and members from school-based and community based organizations as well as the officers of the SangguniangKabataan.

Our program shall include components such as lectures, plenary sessions, line interests’ breakout groups, experiential learning and reflection activities. LeadCon aspires to be an avenue of choice for the sharing of best practices and initiatives of different groups championing good governance, good citizenship, patriotism and volunteerism. Respected organizations upholding good governance such as the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA), KayaNatin Movement, Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) and some winners of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) are envisioned to play a major role and participation in the event.


  • Create a benchmark for youth leaders, specifically Sangguniang Kabataan, unto adapting the best youth practices in their respective areas of jurisdiction
  • Identify a national brand of Filipino Youth Leadership in Good Governance through convergence of ideals from the youth leaders and guidance from different key leaders in the political arena
  • Standardize the indicators of successful youth activities through Youth Expo, Youth Dinner Socials, Youth Environmental Challenge, and Book Launching: The 12 Little Things Every Filipino Youth Can Do To Help Our Country
  • Help open the vast opportunity to network among the participants together with the increasing number of Kabayanis among the mentors, speakers, supporters and partners.
  • Develop a post-congress mechanism to sustain the partnership among the Kabayanisover the course of their lifetimes and as they assume their roles in their respective fields of choice.

How to join?

Please refer to the following attachments:

Registration For Municipal Group
School Group

Files for Municipal Registration
letter for SK Prex
letter for SK chair
endorsement from DILG

File for School Registration
endorsement from CHED.

LeadCon Bohol Draft Program

Location Map

Sample T-Shirt Design

Join Kwentong Kabayanihan Video Contest!

“My Reel Filipino”


 Kabayanihan Foundation aims to promote patriotism and good citizenship among various sectors of our people. We believe that every Filipino is part of the solution and part of the hope of our country, wherever he or she may be in our archipelago or in the world.

In this regard, we have decided to sectoralize the famous book “12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country”. The book’s author (Atty Alex Lacson) has already written book versions of the “12 Little Things” for the youth, senior citizens, and overseas Filipinos. He is currently finishing the book versions for public servants and parents.

“My Reel Filipino” is a video contest which is part of Kabayanihan Foundation’s campaign to send the message of patriotic citizenship among Filipinos. The Theme of the video contest is “Every Filipino is a hero. Every Filipino is part of the solution.” The videos to be submitted must still refer to any of the following 3 sectors – public servants, youth, and global
or overseas Filipinos

After the awarding, the winning videos will be used for promotions in KF events and talks, social media sites, websites, and
through our partnership with ArtistShop, will be shown in several local and international airports in the Philippines, restaurants, and schools. Cash prizes also await the winners.



Who may join?
The contest is open
to amateurs and professionals film makers. Submissions are open to individuals
and groups. There is no limit as to the number of entries per individual/group.

Length of video
The video should be strictly 30-40 seconds long. reel

Theme for the videos“Every Filipino is a hero. Every Filipino is part of the solution.” We are looking for videos that will move ordinary Filipinos to act on the most pressing concerns in their immediate fields/circles/areas of influence.  We want videos that will stir every Filipino to do something concrete for the country.

Sectors covered by the video contest
– Public Servants; Youth; Global or Overseas Filipinos. This means that while the Theme is “Every Filipino is a Hero. Every Filipino is part of the Solution”, the videos you must submit for the contest must still refer to any of the 3 sectors above – public servants, youth, and global Filipinos.

There is no limit as to the style of the video. It may be an animation, documentary-style, commercial-style, among others. A submission is acceptable as long as it is clear, intelligible, and not offensive to common law decency.

Entries may be submitted in English or Filipino.

Entries must be submitted not later than November 11, 2011.

Guidelines for submission:

  • Preliminary submission of entries must be done through uploading your video in YouTube. Uploads to any other site will not be eligible for the contest. The title of the video must be “Kabayanihan Video – [insert personal title here]”.
  • Email the following information to
  • Message Subject: My Reel Filipino Video Contest Entry Submission
  • Video Title
  • Brief description of the video/Main message of the video
  • Name of individual/group
  • Affiliation/Organization
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • URL/link of your video in Youtube
  • Do you make films for a living? Yes/No. If yes, what was the last film that you did?
  • Finalists will be contacted a week after the deadline of entries to submit a clean DVD copy of their video entries. The videos are required to be in avi, mpeg, mp4 or other formats supported by both Youtube and Facebook uploads.

Filmmakers are reminded not to use images, clips, and music that would entail copyright payments, in light of future use of the videos.
A pool of expert judges will screen and judge the videos. The panel of judges will be chaired by Ms. Ditsi Carolino, internationally acclaimed and award-winning film maker.

  • Criteria for judging:
    • Subject Relevance (45%): Is there a clear link between the topic of the video and the theme.
    • Message Clarity (35%): Is the video’s message presented in an understandable manner?
    • Video Quality (15%): Is the video visually appealing?
    • Audience Impact (5%): Videos that make it to the list of finalists will be uploaded in Kabayanihan Foundation’s Facebook site. Audience impact will be judged according to the number of “Likes”.
  • Prizes:
    • Cash prizes and other fun prizes will be given to amateurs and professional categories.
    • Special prizes will be given to videos that sectoralized the message in sectoral categories.
      More information on these categories will be announced as the contest progresses.
  • Winning videos will be property of Kabayanihan Foundation. The filmmaker(s) will be credited in the final edit when shown in the target channels later on.

If you want to be updated about the contest, please email so we can add you to
our mailing list. Updates will also be posted to

The contest is co-presented by:
Special thanks to:

Citizen’s Group launches Cultural Transformation

“President Noynoy vows to support Citizen’s Initiative”

Manila, Philippines — President Benigno Simeon Aquino III said it is high time for the Filipino People to change their perceptions of their country and to helprebuild this country from its present state. He also urged the Youth to lead inthe cultural transformation of the Philippines.

Aquino made the appeal during the launch of the Kabayanihan Foundation, acitizen’s group composed of students, young professionals and entrepreneurs heldat the La Consolacion College in Manila last November 30, 2010. Over a thousand young people from over thirty (30) public and private high schools and collegesin Manila took part in the launch which aims to re-ignite a Cultural revolt totransform the Filipino mindset about the country and to once more convince people to participate in nation-building.

During his speech, the President agreed with the Kabayanihan Foundations’initiative to engage and empower the citizenry towards nation-building. Aquinosaid that the key towards national unity is the inculcation of the right values which are innate to Filipinos.He cited the need for Filipinos to engage in positive talk, highlighting thefact that the government right now is doing its best in promoting the countryand steering it towards the right economic direction. Aquino made an example ofhow Filipinos viewed his recent foreign trips where the government managed toget billions of dollars’ worth in investments.

“We have made great in-roads in our economic recovery plan. Let us, as aNation, unite behind government in its quest for a better life to all,” said the51 year old Chief Executive amidst applause from thousands who were inattendance.

Atty. Alexander Lacson, chairman emeritus of the Foundation made a stirringpresentation. He narrated how he, together with a few others, decided to buildthe Foundation as their contribution towards nation-building. Lacson also read a poem and encouraged the people to join him in an oath of commitment for thecountry.

Foundation president Atty. Siegfred Mison meanwhile, told the public why a Cultural transformation is needed in these times. Mison said that Filipinos areinherently great, and it is time for Filipinos to bring back those old andtraditional values which made the world stand up and take notice of thePhilippines.

Forty seven (47) different partner organizations from the government and private sectors as well as diverse youth groups were in attendance to support thelaunch. A book entitled “12 Little Things Our Youth Can Do to Help Our Country”was also launched. The Foundation also announced their future activities aimedat generating public awareness of citizens’ empowerment and engagement.

Twelve youth speakers belonging to numerous youth groups spoke and committed themselves to the Kabayanihan cause. Those who spoke included: Renz Francis Sasa(Boy Scout of the Philippines); Von Yacob (Department of Education Supreme Student Government); Joe Vincent Aguila (Student Council Alliance of thePhilippines); Marlon Jhef Pineda (President-United Nations Youth Advocates ofthe Philippines) Charlemagne Chua (Pilipinas Rotaract); Bai Rohaniza Sumndad-Usman (Asia America Initiative); Harold Gardon (Ateneo Student Leaders Assembly); Bernard Dy (Jaycees Phils); Pristine Roxas (Campus Crusade forChrist); Joseph Anthony Quesada (Ayala Young Leaders Alliance); Leo Ver Janohan (Youth for Christ) and Benedict Cruz (Gawad Kalinga Youth).The entire audience whole-heartedly made an oath promising to abide by the Panata ng Aming Henerasyon, a virtual pact written by Alex Lacson and President Aquino. The pact was signed by the twelve youth speakers.

Shortly after the President’s speech, performances by Biz Rockers, Willy SanJuan and daughter May Lee, The Overflow, Tondo Tribe,  Jovy Peregrino, and NoelCabangon enlivened the crowd.

Kabayanihan Foundation turns over its first Kabayani Classroom

The turnover of the first Kabayanihan Classroom proved to be a memorable and significant event both for Kabayanihan Foundation and the teachers, parents and students of the Daan Elementary School in Socorro, Oriental Mindoro. The sun was still asleep when members of the Kabayanihan Foundation led by Kabayani Alex Lacson and Kabayani Gerry Gamez started their land and sea journey to Daan Elementary School. Though still groggy from sleep, the trip was filled with stories, laughter and the never ending picture-taking opportunities.

After a two and a half hour land trip to the Batangas port and a one hour FastCraft sea journey, we arrived at Calapan, Mindoro.  The cool sea breeze was complimented by the warm welcome of Mr. and Mrs. Tani and Dotie Manibo. They graciously served us a delicious breakfast at their home before going to Daan Elementary School.  Despite the long and bumpy trip, we enjoyed passing the vast rice fields, rivers and nearby mountains.

Finally, we arrived at the Daan Elementary School.  The short program started with a performance of the Socorro Hymn and the Mindoro March by selected pupils of the Daan Elementary School. Daan’s own “Jovit Baldovino” entertained the audience with a wonderful rendition of Journey’s “Faithfully”.

Mrs. Merlene Fabregas, Principal of Daan Elementary School and Mrs. Celestina Patulot, District Supervisor expressed their gratitude to the Kabayanihan Foundation and their donors, including the Alpha Kappa Rho Alumni Council who donated tables and chairs for the students.

In his speech, Kabayani Alex Lacson shared the story of struggle and success of Chief Justice Hilario Davide. “Sana ang susunod na Davide ay galing sa classroom na iyan, sana ang susunod president ay galing sa classroom na iyan” Lacson declared. Lacson also thanked the parents and the members of the community who offered their time and effort to help build the classroom and presented the principal with a plaque to signify the formal turnover.  A short ribbon cutting ceremony followed after which, the Kabayanis and teachers enjoyed a small buffet lunch prepared by local and Mangyan students, parents and teachers.

Kabayanis with pupils of Daan Elementary School happily pose in front of the new classroom

“The Power of Little Things” Kabayani Mark Ocampo shares Kabayanihan message to NSTP Students.

The Kabayanihan Foundation was invited as a guest to the College of the Holy Spirit NSTP Exposure Congress last February 28, 2011. Held at the Veritas et Caritas Hall, the theme of the event was Participate.Activate. Create. for a Better Society. The goal was to encourage 1st and 2nd year students to continue their volunteer work beyond the requirements of their NSTP classes.

The keynote speaker of the event was Atty. Mark Ocampo of the Kabayanihan Foundation. It was a fun and interactive talk as Kabayani Mark engaged the students in a discussion about “The Power of Little Things.” He stressed that the little things, if done collectively, can create the change we need in our society.  “If each student in every school in Mendiola–Holy Spirit, La Consolacion, CEU, San Beda, would come out to the streets at lunch time and picked up just one piece of trash. Imagine how much cleaner it would be,” he said. He pointed out that the changes we’re looking for really don’t need to  be big or

Kabayani Mark is also a passionate believer in the Filipino and he shared, “We have the best doctors, we have CEOs, we have engineers–all doing well,” he shared. “Name any industry and I can tell you about Filipinos who have excelled in that field”.

At the end of the speech, Kabayani Mark led the students and teachers in reciting a poem extolling the greatness of the Filipino written by founder and Chairman Emeritus Alexander Lacson entitled, “I Am Filipino.”

Kabayani Mark stressed that the little things, if done collectively, can create the change we need in our society.